Georgia is one of the countries located in the Caucasus border region between the continents of Asia and Europe, with a land area of ​​69,700 km², its capital is Tbilisi, and its system of government is republican, and it is divided administratively into nine regions, and two autonomous republics. Volume 0%


The population speaks the Georgian language, which is the official language in the state. The residents also speak some local languages, such as the Mongolian language, the Armenian language, the Azeri language, the Svan language, and the Abkharan language. As for the religion, the majority of the population adheres to the Orthodox Christian religion. Islam, Russian Orthodox Christianity, and Catholic Christianity.

The Georgian lari is the official currency It is symbolized by (GEL), and every one lari is divided into one hundred Tatars. As for its economy, its economy depends on the extraction of minerals such as silver, gold, copper, manganese, the small industries sector, the tourism sector, and the agricultural sector, whose main agricultural products are: hazelnuts, grapes, and citrus fruits. and the non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages production sector.